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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kari's Out Sick

This past week has been a rough one. I caught a bad cold that has literally taken me a week to feel like doing anything in the kitchen for health reasons and because standing really seemed like too much work. However, the boyfriend was gone last weekend and when he returned he bestowed some lovely Quince upon me (I had never seen a quince until Sunday last). They smelled, and looked amazing all bright and sweetly scented, and I was really bummed to find out (Thank you Google) that I could not just cut it up and eat it...I had to make jelly or Membrillo (Quince Paste)and I also been gifted with some Membrillo (that we haven't eaten yet) so I didn't need more.
I have never made or canned jelly before in my life, but I have made tons of jam and canned it over the years I have also made some wicked good apple butter and I have assisted in canning corn, peaches, beef stew and a load of other wonderful things but never jelly, so I was a little intimidated. I turned to my Ball Blue Book of Canning only to find out that they must not have ever heard of Quince because I could not find a recipe for it anywhere within the pages of my book. I then searched the internet and found a simple recipe for making jelly. I found the recipe I wanted from one of my favorite sites. This recipe is easy and in my opinion practically fool proof. The jelly turned out great...I am not sure what to do with it, and I am still hoping some ideas will trickle in from friends and family, but I do think that if you melted it down and added some spices or ____ it would make a nice glaze for that holiday ham, tarts, or other pastries. K.B. says she is going to put it on a peanut butter sandwich...I am still waiting to hear how that turns out for her.
Tonight is Samhain or Halloween whichever you prefer, so when I get home today from work I need to carve a pumpkin. It is not really carving mind you more like taking a power drill to it and making that little jack O lantern look like Swiss cheese. I love this night because the kids get to shine they put on their costumes and parade up and down the street, knocking on doors and yelling "Trick or Treat". My favorites are the little ones all dressed up out with mommy or daddy who may be carrying them and having to gently remind them to say the phrase that gets them candy. Why are they my favorite you may ask... it is because they are so darn cute and sweet...that is why. The older kids not so much they don't try hard with the costume (if they are even wearing one) and then the last couple years I have the occasional homeless person or two trick or treating...creepy, but who knows maybe this year I will give them candy...the goddess knows I bought enough. However, you choose to celebrate Halloween is fine with me as long as you have fun, be safe and harm none...Blessed Be.

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