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Thursday, October 10, 2013


My birthday last week happened with little fan fair, no parties, or any sort of a fuss...just the way I like it. We had dinner planned out at a very posh restaurant with a menu that changes weekly, but at the last minute I opted to stay home have a nice dinner and some peace and quiet with the bf. This year’s birthday was a milestone birthday turning 40 is never easy (my second time around) and it has been one heck of a year and I am looking forward to it ending. I really decided that birthdays are not parties, cake, food or gifts, those things are great, but birthdays are about people. I spent my birthday at work at a job I am grateful to have with people that I enjoy working with. I spent my birthday evening with the bf we cooked a great meal together and just hung out. My son and his adorable girlfriend came over on Sunday, took me for coffee, and visited with me for a couple of hours, and my daughter cleaned house for me, which makes my life easier. Of course, I got great gifts and there was delicious cake but what really matters is the people that make these things happen.
The bf got me the weather vane that I have wanted for the house...no it is not just for Halloween...were taking bets on how long it will be before the neighbors start to worry. I figure somewhere around Yule they will start whispering.
My birthday this year is taking about a week to wrap up. I have spent time with the family and received wonderful gifts, flowers, cake and gifts of hot coffee (truly a fav thanx K.B.). This week I have dinner with some friends tonight and another dinner on Saturday with some other friends...busy, busy, and before dinner on Saturday evening vintage chachkie shopping with K.B. Looking forward to every busy minute of the weekend ahead. Then it is time to settle into fall.

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