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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To Work

It is funny how things work out. Last Feb 2nd while on my way to work I received a text message from my daughter (we worked together) telling me that we both no longer had jobs. After 3+ years that was it, unceremoniously let go. The worst part... I think the entire office who kept their jobs knew ahead of time and said nothing. One of those people I thought was a friend...I have learned something from that whole experience...I do not attempt to make lasting friendships at my new job,  I go to work, make nice with the people there, and they are all really nice, but I don't get too close and go home at the end of the day. I don't understand the phrase or term "work family" I have a family that I go home to every night...that is my family. Work related friendships are best-left at work. Ms. Em thanks for the advice here. 

I have been busy with my new puppy (December 2015) she is a little firecracker and keeps her big brother on his toes all the time. The bf has been busy remodeling the garage and getting more space of out the room we had. When my daughter moved out we made over that bedroom into an office and it is amazing...I honestly think we spend more time in there than any other room in the house. We got a new fridge, and a new couch. After a year we don't miss cable. Less baking more making freezer meals that I can thaw, heat and serve...working full time takes it out of me...including weight...I trimmed down an additional 5 lbs since February 2nd, it was 8 lbs but I gained back 3 lbs.

Right now rolling into fall of 16 things are good, were good, I am looking forward to fall and settling in for the winter. I , as always, hope for a ton of snow to fall on my fair city and give me a couple of snow days off. Dreaming of a white Christmas.

I have a couple of amazing recipes I want to share with you all and I will I promise just let me catch my breath.