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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Needful Things

We all have them, those needful things we just cannot do without, things that make our life easier…simpler. Personally, I have many of those things located in my kitchen. Tucked away in drawers, prominently displayed on the counters in what free space I can find, and hidden away high up on shelves. despite having a small kitchen one of my weaknesses is kitchen gadgetry. I love the little tools that make cooking and baking simpler, or just more fun.
This zester is new to my collection. I received it as a gift last Christmas from one of my children. I use this anytime I need to zest a lemon, orange, or any citrus fruit. It is super handy, easy to use and wicked sharp giving me the finest little shreds of citrus zest. If you don't have one I seriously recommend getting one.
This cutting edge garlic press is simply fantastic. I actually bought this as a gift (stocking stuffer) for the bf a couple of Christmases past, but strangely I seem to use way more often than he does. You simple roll (with pressure) over the top of a peeled garlic clove and Shazam! crushed garlic. I got a solid stainless steel one because we use and obscene amount of garlic, and I figured this one would be more durable.
This handy dandy power tool for the kitchen is just the thing for small blending job. Back in the day I owned one of the first versions and I had it for years (loved it), and when it finally died I never got around to replacing it, but my lovely children gave me this one for Christmas last year and I use it every chance I get. For example the other night I was in need of a can of tomato sauce but had none in the pantry...I took a can of diced tomatoes and Zap! tomato sauce in a jiff. It also works well for hot liquids that need to be blended like soup or gravies. I haven't tried it on fruit smoothies, but I have a feeling that would be no problem.
Motar & Pestle I don't use it often, but more often than you would imagine. I don't have counter space for a large electric spice grinder, and honestly I prefer my handy little Motar & Pestle. It works great, cleans up easy, and I don't have to wonder what was ground up last. I truly love the rustic feel of grinding spices in this. I have had this set for at least 100 years (in other words I don't remember when or where I got it.)
Butter Bell. This is my second one. This first one I had for a really long time, but it ended up getting a pretty good chip, and my daughter gave me this one for Christmas a couple of years back. It seriously is the best invention since sliced bread. It keeps the butter soft and fresh and looks nice on the table during dinner. If you don't have one you should.
Next to that wonderful Butter Bell is one of two food scales I own. I don't think you can function in a kitchen without a food scale. I use it for everything and anything. This one works great for dry ingredients. The other one I have has a larger flat surface for weighing big bulk type things.
This wire whisk represents a collection of five wire whisks that I currently own. This particular whisk is a flat whisk. No two are alike in size or flex. I have a silicone one just for the non-stick pans. I use at least one daily for something I am concocting in the kitchen. You can't have just one, so go out and buy more. You will thank me for it later.
Last but not least this old Coke Cola bottle I have been toting around for the last 20 some odd years. It serves only one purpose, and you are looking at it. I use this wonderful classic bottle for inverting my Angel Food cakes so that they cool properly. Single use tool that it is in all these years I haven't found something (or looked really) that works better. I tuck it away under my kitchen sink and wash it before each use. It is a simple as that.
I hope you all enjoy my wit and witticism. Going to be a warm day here, which honestly up to 80 I am fine more than that and I get cranky and downright mean. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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