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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Next Two Weeks

The next two weeks are going to be a blur of activity...Oye! The bf is leaving town this coming Saturday for a week long cycling adventure so that will give me double duty with Katsu...who will be getting neutered on the Friday before the bf leaves town. I am taking two days off to stay home with puppy while he is recovering (thanx K.B.)and to make sure he is comfortable and stays quiet.
Yesterday I spent time trying to clean up my back yard and front yard...I am not a fan of gardening and if I had my way I would put in a giant zen garden with large rocks to rake around. It would probably help my stress and anxiety way more than yanking weeds and trimming hedges. Anyway I did manage to make a dent in some things and feel better about getting it done.
I did manage to turn out some delicious French toast this weekend. I made it from challah bread that I had picked up on my way home from work on Friday. I have to say I am a breakfast girl I love all of it pancakes, French toast, bacon...you name it if it is breakfast food I will eat it. It doesn't have to be complicated food just good and comforting.
I like being able to cut my own bread for French toast. Store bought pre-sliced bread is too whimmpy to hold up to the egg wash 9 times out of 10, and the flavor is never quite right. I have used French Bread, English muffin bread (super good) and brioche. All fantastic. That with some hand cut bacon and you have a winner every time.
Cooking will begin again I promise. The heat wave is over and fall is right around the corner...no seriously I saw her while walking the dog this morning. Have a great Labor Day everyone.


  1. Your puppy is beautiful... what breed or mix is he? I love brindle on dogs! Also your braided bread French toast looks yummy.

  2. Angel~ My puppy is a Japanese Kai Ken/Tora Inu or in English a Japanese Tiger Dog. I wrote a blog all about me getting this rare, exotic stubborn and adorable love.

  3. It would figure that you and I make our French Toast out of Challah. The bread is so sweet to begin with. It also smells about the same as Hawaiin bread. Delish. I'm not a breakfast person at ALL, matter of fact, to me, bacon (crisp) only belongs on a BLT. MMM. English muffin bread (so easy to make) is beyond delish with tuna fish. Or, if you wish, a tuna melt. Bread making is around the corner ( I saw the yeast dancing with fall).. and the thought of that smell. I only use stones for baking my breads, wouldn't trade them for anything. Enjoyed the blog as always Kari. Talk to you soon. I still can't work the profile thing, so I shall remain unkown. hehe

    1. Nothing in the world is better than the smell of freshly baked bread...except maybe wood smoke or hot apple cider.