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Friday, February 21, 2014


I have always been a firm believer that what you have for breakfast is not nearly as important as having breakfast. I do not care if you sit down to a two egg, two link and hash browns and toast or a bowl of granola and yogurt as long as you eat something. I distinctly remember feeding my kids tortilla chips one morning (o.k. it happened probably six times) for breakfast because I had forgotten to pick up cereal at the store the day before...no I did not pour milk over them...thought about it but decided against it. Seriously, what is the difference between a bowl of corn flakes and a handful of corn chips? I don't know any red blooded American who hasn't stood over a kitchen sink cramming in a slice of last nights pizza as they head out the door to work...not exactly breakfast fare (but sooo delicious). Now with all that being said I have a hard time forcing myself to eat food before the sun is fully up, coffee yes bring the pot and do not forget the creamer food however I just can’t seem to get around that in my head or in my stomach first thing in the morning.
I have had to make some changes to help improve my overall health and productivity and one of those changes was to start eating something in the morning, but I do it after I get to work during the week. I usually eat a bowl of instant oatmeal or maybe a container of yogurt and some fruit (keep in mind I have been up for three hours at this point). Where most kids hated oatmeal in the morning as children, I loved it. My mother made the creamiest oatmeal and would top it with a dab of butter and a little brown sugar or she would cook up Malt O Meal, which I liked, and have a box on my panty shelf as I type. F.Y.I make the muffin recipe on the box of Malt O Meal and your kids will love you forever. Those muffins warm from the oven with a little butter on them taste just like pancakes. I was never a cold cereal kind of girl, but today my favorite is Honey Nut Cheerios. Sure, I love pancakes, French toast, waffles and all of that but who in the real world has time for that during the week? Not to mention how bad that would be for you.
I was reminded this week of how yummy oatmeal can be because while sitting home sick I watch a lot of Food Network (and re-runs of Law and Order) and I saw Ina make super creamy oatmeal with dried fruit in it, and it looked almost as delicious as my moms did. I do not have time during the week to spend making creamy oatmeal or rib sticking food as I said it usually consists of instant oatmeal or yogurt, which I keep at work, but on the weekends, I do like to eat something a little more appetizing.
Homemade granola is always a hit. I posted the recipe in an earlier posting.
Quick and delicious weekday morning meal. Toast an English muffin topped with a little cream cheese, pistachios and a little drizzle of honey.
Weekend french toast made from a loaf of French bread is amazing.
Serve that French toast with some bacon.
I guess what I am getting at is eat something, anything and do your body some good...Now would somebody pass me the cold pizza from last night and get me another cup of coffee?

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