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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stocking up

Yesterday the BF and I took our annual trip south to this quaint little town just 35 minutes drive from Myrtle Creek, OR to pick up are annual side of beef. Now I know many people think that is just plain crazy when you could just by your beef at the grocery store...obviously, you have never had beef raised right.
My 82-year-old Uncle raises this beef for family and a few very close friends and he has been doing it as a hobby for years, but as much as he tells you, he does it because it is his hobby I can tell it is out of love for his family and friends. These cattle spend their days lazing in green pastures with fresh and pure creek water at their disposal. They enjoy the warm summer sun and all the fresh grass they can consume. They are not injected with a lot a crap and they are by no means put under any sort of stress. Now I know there are a lot of haters out there who do not eat meat because of animal cruelty or because eating meat is wrong...whatever. I know a former Raw Vegan who is now on a strict Paleo diet for health issues and personal reasons. She bought organic grass fed beef, fell in love and honestly I have never seen her happier. Sadly, I know there will come a day when my Uncle hangs up his spurs and decides that he just cannot do it anymore. I do not know if any of my cousins will pick up the reins and take over the beef business. I do know that if I lived closer class would be in session and I would step in and run this end of the family operation, but living in Portland I don't have room for cattle in my backyard...pretty sure the neighbors would complain. So for once a year I am going to bliss out on the first steak of the fall thick, juicy and cooked to perfection by my BF and toast my Uncle for all that he is.
Now maybe some of you would like to know how to cook this inch thick Rib Eye the right way. Let me tell you what we do. 1. Rub into steak olive oil (both sides) 2. Liberally sprinkle with fresh ground pepper and kosher salt (both sides) 3. Grill 4 min. per side (medium heat) longer if you do not like it rare. Let the meat stand for a few minutes before you cut into it. That is it this steak does not need any fussy spices or unnecessary sauces...that is almost sacrilegious. Enjoy!

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