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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Things that I have been up to.

The other day my daughter asked me for some help with a recipe she got off the internet for breakfast sandwiches that you can freeze for up to a couple of weeks and simply reheat in the microwave. She was looking to budget her paycheck a little better but still have something to eat every morning at work. She is not an oatmeal kind of kid and rarely eats breakfast cereal. She also doesn't have time in the morning before work to sit down and eat, so these were a great idea she just tosses one in her bag and heads to the office.
The list of items you will need is relatively short: One 12 pack of English muffins split in half, one package of lunchmeat (we used ham), Cheddar cheese 1 lb brick will do it (you will have leftovers), and a dozen eggs.
We followed the directions/recipe sorta...we cooked the eggs individually by scrambling one egg at a time with 1/2 tsp of half n half, pouring it into a lightly greased (spray works great) ramekin and putting them on a cookie sheet then placing them in a 375 preheated oven for roughly 15 min. I had 4 ramekins so we did this twice. Then when the eggs are done slide them out of the ramekins and let them cool on a plate. While the eggs are cooling take your English muffin halves and place a slice of cheese to cover the bottom of the muffin, followed by a layer of ham depending on the thickness of your ham. Just a slice or two should work fine. Then top with your cooled egg and the muffin top. The recipe called for just wrapping with plastic wrap, but we wrapped with foil and then slid into sandwich bag, and into your freezer To reheat just pop into a microwave oven for a min or two and shazam! breakfast sandwich.
We plan on making these again for her but maybe stepping things up a bit. For example maybe adding a small amount of diced fresh spinach to the egg, toasting the muffins first, using Swiss cheese instead of Cheddar or switching out the meat to something a little more breakfast like...maybe bacon or black forest ham. It was really fun to work in the kitchen with her we don't do it often and I hope we get to do it again before she moves out this summer.
Have a great weekend everyone and for those who observe it Have a Happy Easter.

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