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Sunday, March 2, 2014


I wasn't really sure what to title this particular blog post, so I just kept it simple and to the point. I know my vegetarian friends are cringing, sorry I can't help you. I eat meat I have never been embarrassed, horrified or disgusted about that fact in any way shape or form. With that being said I am going to move on.
K.B. and I have been looking forward to this day for somewhere close to five months. It was a matter of putting the funds together, which is never easy for a couple of working girls, but when we set the date and time and picked out what we wanted and how we wanted it we were like a couple of kids in a candy shop. Now you would think by the way I am talking that I am gearing up for some girls weekend away full of sun, umbrella drinks and sandy beaches well you couldn't be farther from the truth this was a morning filled with rain, big wet friendly dogs, chickens, an incredibly nice lady and livestock...In particular lambs and ewes. The conversations leaned towards wool, spinning, shared recipes and photos of dogs, much missed, that are no longer with us and invitations to come back. K.B. and I made the trek to SuDan Farm in Canby, OR to pick up a whole cut and wrapped lamb. Sure we could have gone to the farmer market and picked up the meat, but where is the fun in that.
K.B. and I each got to hold a lamb and talk in length to the owner about the operation on Sudan Farm and I really appreciated the insight to the day to day operation. How the lambs were cared for. I like the fact that the lambs are grass fed and hormone free. I like knowing that this lamb I have in my freezer is locally raised and came from healthy stock.
We picked up our cooler of meat and headed to get some hot coffee in us and discuss what was on the menu for the nights dinner. K.B. went home to make a savory lamb stew. I myself decided to grill lamb (loin) chops and do up some veggies to go along with. K.B and I both picked up a couple of extras. I got a rabbit for braising and K.B. picked up a chicken...I have no doubt that both are going to be amazing. We also each got a 1/2 lb. (I weighed mine K.B) slab of smoked lamb bacon...you know that is for breakfast this morning.
So I grilled some lamb (loin) chops last night or I should say the bf did. I was in charge of the butter steamed new potatoes and roasted whole carrots with honey and rosemary . The entire meal was a huge success and I have to say I have never had lamb that was so tender and flavorful. The lamb was not at all over powering it was absolutely the best lamb I have ever had...truly sublime. Made me even happier that I embarked on this endeavor to purchase enough to last a while.
Now I don't have a photo of K.B's. lamb stew to share with you...take my word for it, it looks amazing, but I do have a photo of the dinner we had last night.
Before grilling. I simply seasoned the chops with salt and pepper both sides.
we seared the chops on both sides and then closed the lid for the final stage of cooking. The recipe said to leave the lid open, but the temp outside was far to cold (they had predicted snow for the day).
Grilled to perfection.
all together now.
K.B. with a sweet ol farm dog.
Yep that is me still with my boots and muddy jeans on. It was a busy day errands to run, grocery shopping to do. I didn't manage to get out of those muddy jeans and boots until bed time last night. Yesterday was the most fun I have had in a while...way better than any umbrella drink I have ever had.
Much thanks again to Dan and Susie Wilson of SuDan Farm for doing it right.

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