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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dinner, Drinks and Dessert

Had a couple of friends over last night for dinner and despite the rain and thanks to a covered porch we (and when I say we I mean the bf) grilled some steaks and I made some garlicky green beans and some delicious butter steamed baby red potatoes.
Because my dinning and kitchen area are on the small side I don't usually invite more than a couple of people over and I try to keep the dinners simple and delicious. The other reason I keep my dinner parties small is, and I know I am not the only one who goes through this, no matter what everyone is going to hang out in the kitchen and dining room while you make dinner. I don't know why and neither does anyone else that I have spoken with about this strange phenomenon. I mean I clean my house before any and every dinner party but I pay special attention to the kitchen because that is the only room anyone is going to really see.
Spring has finally arrived so I was able to cut a fresh bouquet of daffodils for the table from my flower bed out front. They are bright, cheery and not too heavily scented, which is perfect for the dinner table. I always try and avoid anything that is going to compete with the aroma of a wonderful dinner.
Now for dessert I like to make things that don't need any last minute steps with the exception of maybe whipping some whip cream up to serve on top, or pulling ice cream from the freezer. Keep it simple and if you can make it ahead then do it. Last nights dessert was a Butter Pecan Cake that was really yummy, and turned out perfectly. I will say this though I thought the batter to be a little stiff so I added a touch more buttermilk to get my cake batter to the consistency I wanted, and the frosting I don't think needs to set up in the fridge for an hour. Maybe 45 minutes maximum.
The layers rose really well.
Aren't those pretty.
One of the two food scales I have. I truly think a food scale is a must in the kitchen.
Who doesn't love homemade frosting?
In goes the buttered Pecans.
Towering layers of love a.k.a Butter Pecan Cake.
Thanks to my friends Mr. G & Racey for the Sake, dogs, conversation...and for liking my cooking. It is always fun to have you over and thanks to my bf for being a master griller once again.


  1. What fun, Kari! Sounds like a lovely evening. The cake looks scrumptious! Glad you enjoyed the time with BF and friends. ~ Viola

    1. Thanks Vilola! I like entertaining on a small scale or really simply. If I can combine both I am in heaven!

  2. How Inspiring! Love the Recipe Ideas!