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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Quiet of Mid-Winter

With Christmas in the not too distant past, yet safely tucked away in boxes in the garage. It is time to start working on projects for next Christmas. So last Sunday afternoon I slotted some time for a mug of my special hot cocoa and time to work on my little project. First things first my special hot cocoa.
Into a large mug empty a packet of your favorite hot cocoa mix.
Add the desired amount of hot water and then add two tablespoons of half and half or cream.
Then add a liberal shot of peppermint schnapps. Top with whip cream if you have it and dust with chocolate powder or crushed peppermint candy. Sadly I had none of those things, but it was still very good.
I love sending out Christmas cards and every year the list of people that I want to send cards to gets a little longer, but the cost of the stamp just went up and pretty Christmas cards are not a dime a dozen. I had to do something I did I little research on postcards. What the paper weight and size they had to be in order for the Post Office to accept them, and then I did a little shopping on my favorite website Etsy and found this shop that had what I was looking for. I made my purchase and then shopped for a couple of inexpensive stamps (after Christmas holiday stamps are usually on sale) and bought some ink. I wanted my postcards to be simple yet special. I think I did pretty good.
The front of the post card is blank.
Silver ink and a rubber snowflake stamp.
I put the snowflake in the center of each postcard...simple and very pretty.
Then I put a little accent stamp left corner bottom just for added cuteness. Now of course the initial cost of everything was more than a box of Christmas cards, but the stamps I can use over and over again, and the ink will come in handy for other non holiday stamping.
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. What an excellent idea, Kari! The chocolate sounds delish, too. I'll have to think about making my own cards for next year. Thanks for the tips! ~ Viola

    1. You are very welcome for the tips. Etsy is a great source for all kinds of stamps and blank postcards.

  2. Hard cocoa. The only thing better than sun for yardwork in the middle of January.

    1. You are absolutely right about that.