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Friday, January 17, 2014


Do you ever get frustrated over the cost of some of your favorite products? I mean you wouldn't think to quit using them because you love the product but they are a little pricey and the economy has you thinking maybe you should cut cost somewhere. Well I decided some time ago to email these companies and nicely ask if I could get some coupons for their lovely products and you know what...they sent me some coupons. Like for example I adore BonAmi cleaners, but you never see coupons in the Sunday paper for anything they make, so I emailed them and those nice people sent me an entire years worth of cents off on their powdered cleanser.
Another product you never see coupons for is Biokleen. I love their laundry soap and Bac-out and their dishsoap. I truly adore the fact that all of the products Biokleen has are safe for the enviroment. I email them and a nice lady sends me a bunch of coupons.
I also like Field Roast meatless products. I am especially fond of their sausages I use them frequently in dishes that call for actual sausage. The company is located in my old hometown, but again you seldom see a coupon in the Sunday paper for anything from Field Roast. Just a short and sweet email and they will send you a couple of coupons.
Kerrygold butter and cheese...how I love their cheeses. I try not to get carried away, but I love cheese and these guys know what cheese making is all about. If you ask nice Kerrygold will send you a nice coupon.
It is worth the time it takes to dash off a few quick emails just telling them you like or love the products they produce and ask for a few coupons. It will save you a few bucks throughout the year. I love all these products and have used them for years, and I hope they will be around for a long time to come. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. Bac out is great for getting the funk out of cycling gear and polypro baselayers.

  2. What a great idea, Kari! Sending letters out asking for coupons was just listed on my weekend To Do list! Thanks for the great tip.