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Friday, January 1, 2016


Some people don't understand or appreciate leftovers. Around this house we try really hard not to waste food, so there is a lot of leftovers at times (especially after the holidays). Fortunately the bf doesn't mind taking leftovers to work and I can always take a care package to the daughter at my work...she can always use a healthy lunch.
So last week I had cooked a delicious pork roast. It wasn't a huge pork roast, but even after Jamie and I had eaten our fill there was a good amount left...what to do. Sure you could slice it up and make sandwiches but that is such a chore. What usually happens is you wrap that lump of leftover roast in foil and stick it in the fridge and forget about it. What I do is make a easy sandwich spread.
I take that lump of roast and cut it into smaller lumps then run it through my food processor until it reaches the coarseness I want, then I add mayo, mustard, horseradish, pickles...the possibilities are endless.
Combine all until you have the consistency that you want for sandwich spread put it in a clean bowl and cover and refrigerate for a few hours until the flavors meld. Presto Chango! you have some customized sandwich spread.
This works for all manor of roasts beef, pork or ham (remember deviled ham?) depending on what you want for flavor you can add all kinds of onions, or peppers or? Go Crazy.
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season...for me it starts somewhere a few days before Halloween and extends through today (Jan 1st 2016). I hope this year is a good one for everyone I know near and far.

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