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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cat Door

In the midst of baking and cooking and doing what we do on the weekends housework, work from home and home projects (you should see the list). The bf finally tackled a project we have been wanting to get to for some time. A cat door from the hallway to the spare room (we use as a giant walk in closet) for the cats to come and go and not be harassed by the resident chupacabra.
Step one...cut hole in wall. I love being a homeowner for this reason. I can cut a hole in the wall, and no one can stop me.
Cutting and fitting the the trim around the outside of said cat door.
Cutting and fitting the inside trim.
From the other side.
It turned out great. The cats love it...and sometimes the my adorable chupacabra lets them use it.
If you were expecting measurements and angles for a how to tutorial on the cat door...sorry but around here I don't mess with the bf power tools (unless its used to carve a jack o lantern)and he doesn't mess with my immersion blender.

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